Hey, I'm Cam.

I'm a software developer, with experience in embedded environments and security applications. I'm currently wrapping up my computer engineering degree at the University of Toronto. If you're interested in my work (in/cam-rod, or if you prefer, my resume), send an email to work (at) camrod (dot) me.

This is my website, and eventually the home to my blog. For now, I'm most active on GitHub (@cam-rod), and you can also find me at the links below.


My GPG/SSH public keys (4DD20D5DF0159663DBC2822A4C569033D5527E72) are available on the Ubuntu keyserver under dev (at) camrod (dot) me, or from my envs.net profile. It's cross-signed by my old key (8174914B8B704F2B5E1829F79EC730E46905A7A6).